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Pavel Durov advised to delete WhatsApp. Should I do it?

Pavel Durov the day before appealed to WhatsApp users to remove the messenger from smartphones. According to him, due to new vulnerabilities in the application, personal data of users can easily be at the disposal of hackers or powe

r structures of Russia.

The founder of Telegram claims that in order to receive information, it was only necessary to send a video via WhatsApp to the user’s smartphone.

Durov noted that WhatsApp not only fails to protect users’ messages, but is also used as a Trojan horse to spy on photos and videos that users store outside of the application. And the reason is that Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, participates in the US National Security Agency’s population data collection program.

Durov believes that WhatsApp can inadvertently introduce critical security vulnerabilities when the application is updated on a smartphone, and urges that WhatsApp be removed from the phone if you do not want all your photos and messages to become public one day.

At the same time, experts have a different vision of the current situation. There is an opinion that this is just another PR Durov, while experts say that in any software from time to time there are errors. And if these are now in WhatsApp, then this is not at all a reason to delete the application right away, it is enough to update it to a new, fixed version.

Experts say that the more popular an app is, the more bugs it finds. And if we compare WhatsApp with Telegram, about which information about unauthorized access to personal information of its users rarely appears, then the answer is obvious – it’s just that Pavel Durov’s messenger is less common. And if you study the history of such messages in the media, then for sure vulnerabilities were also found in it, it was just not so public and loud.