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How to enter a blocked channel in Telegram, if possible?

How to enter a blocked channel in Telegram about pakecrot, if suddenly there are problems with the entrance? No one is immune from blocking – the main thing is to understand the reasons for what happened and find an effective way to solve the problem.

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Black list
The error “Unfortunately, this channel is unavailable” in the Telegram can lie in wait for every user! A notification appears on the screen when you try to open a public community – you can enter it, but you can’t see the post history, as well as view updates. It’s unpleasant!

The answer to the question of how to unblock a channel in Telegram depends on the reason for your blocking. You can read more about possible problems in a separate review – and now we will try to solve the difficulties and get around the limitation.

Let’s start with the first possible reason – you were blocked by the administrator or the creator of the public. Getting into the blacklist entails a lot of unpleasant consequences, including blocking the possibility of entry.

How to bypass channel blocking in Telegram in this case? If you were sent to the blacklist, try to contact the administrator in a different way and write with a request to restore your rights. Perhaps the lock was accidental and you are lucky, a quick unlock will follow. You will be able to read the posts again and keep abreast of all the events!

The second option is to use a different account. The public administrator has blocked a specific profile – he cannot know that you are also hiding behind a different name. Recall that you can create a multi-account in the messenger – up to five profiles with different phone numbers are attached to one device.

Connection problems
Sometimes the question of how to bypass “This channel is unavailable” in the Telegram arises due to technical problems. The user can solve such problems on his own!

Very often, an elementary reboot of the device helps. First try restarting the messenger itself, then restart your smartphone or computer. The percentage of successful solution of the error is great!

How to watch blocked channels in Telegram if it doesn’t help? We will try to solve the problem by connecting to a proxy server!

Open the messenger settings;
Find the “Data and Memory” tab;
Go to the “Proxy” block;
Click on the “Proxy Settings” button;
A new menu will open – we are looking for the “Add” icon.

Now you need to select the type, specify the server and port information. Don’t worry, you don’t have to invent anything. On the net you can find a lot of sites with free and working proxies. Just copy the information, that’s all!

The second way to bypass internet restrictions is to connect through a VPN server. Just download any application (paid or free) from your Google Play Market or AppStore, and then launch it (For example, TunnelBear, SuperVPN)

Finally, I must say. If the blocking of the public was carried out by the administration of the messenger (for inappropriate content, violation of community rules and for other reasons), you will not be able to do anything. All that remains is to wait until the automatic unlocking is performed. Of course, provided that the owners of the public can prove their trustworthiness and the absence of violations.

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We discussed all possible tricks and tried to figure out how to enter the blocked Telegram channel. We hope you can get what you want and get access to the feed. Try it, good luck!